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Stupid Girl.

"And so we grew up
And pulled our sleeves down
To cover up the secrets we had.

And we told lies through our eyes
And made people believe we were okay.

And while we sat in the darkness
We forgot to realize
And remind ourselves

That scars will heal
And smiles will return
And memories will arrive
And the monsters will disappear.”

Falling for a guy you know you can’t have and letting the feelings hurt you because you can’t or won’t tell him how you feel.

Usual thoughts on my mind: Maybe if I lost weight you’d think of me different.


Daily dose of love quotes here


Daily dose of love quotes here



saw it comin 100 miles away and I’m still dead

how do you not recognize the dialogue


Daily dose of love quotes here

My MCM goes to a guy with big brown eyes, with hair that I absolutely love to run my fingers through. It goes to a guy that gives the best hugs. To the guy that makes me feel loved in every way. To the guy that holds my hand through rough days. It goes to the guy that puts the usual smile on my face. But it also goes to the guy who’s hurting me and doesn’t even know it. It goes to the guy that sends mixed signals. It goes to the guy who holds my hand and calls me bae when he really doesn’t want that. It goes to the guy that I want for myself so bad and he can’t even see it. My MCM goes to the guy I’ve had an elementary crush on these past few months. It goes to the guy that I contemplate losing his friendship because I have feelings for him. It goes to the guy that can’t see what he’s doing to me.

Summer by Calvin Harris is literally our relationship in a song and I never even realized it. Because when I met you in the summer 4 years ago we fell in love. And it was the best summer ever. I wish we could’ve made it.

Just another stupid girl with a stupid girl blog with stupid girl feelings about stupid boys. Enjoy -Domz

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